Black Light Theatre Prague

of Jiri Srnec

– a Small Theatre of Great Wonders –

Since its foundation in 1961, Black Light Theatre of Prague has been among the best known representatives of the Czech dramatic art in the world Already in 1959, the group performed in Vienna for the first time. The ensemble achieved international reputation there. However, the ensemble really debuted at a festival of theatre in Edinburgh in 1962.The performance in front of a sold-out arena, where the festival took place, was awarded by tumultuous ovation and it opened the way to the Black Light Theatre Prague of Jiří Srnec to renowned theatre scenes of the whole world. By now, the performances of the Black Light Theatre have been seen by more than 5,5 million of people in 80 countries of the world.

The principle with which the founder and artistic director of the ensemble, Jiri Srnec, endowed the theatre was based on a new creative exploitation of a simple trick, the so-called “black cabinet”, in which actors dressed in black with props cannot be seen by viewers against black background. Therefore, the props and all the objects become able to move herewith and they seem to live their own unique lives..

 The Black Light Theatre consists of young dynamic artists -dancers, actors and mimes, presenting actually “Antologia –The Best Of“– the scetches selection of BLT historical performances as  The flying Bicycle, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan  or  White Pierrot in Black.

They say “You will learn what your underwear is doing when you are not looking. We will demonstrate that street lamps can be human’s most dangerous foes We will persuade you that animals are much more intelligent than you may have thought Simply, get ready that with us nothing is how you would expect it to be“.

The “Antologia” is a non verbal show full of witty humour, dance and black light theatre skill and will put you in a good mood and return the spectator into the world of the poetry of a dream, into the fantastic wonders of childhood.

Some of the critics

The surrealistic world created by Jiří Srnec and his talented actors and illusionists seems to be only a step from the world created by Hieronymus Bosch years ago, and by Salvator Dali, Max Ernst and Picabia not that long ago. It is a world of dreams … Black Light Theatre Prague must be seen and perceived. It provides a unique and changeable experience to those who yield to its strange power.

The Vancouver Sun

Black light theatre is agile and fascinating, in particular in short sketches when eleven actors and their invisible colleagues move with silent joy through the strange world of Srnec´s dreams. It worthy seeing it because their performance is a unique playground of absurdity without a compromise.

Philadelphia Daily News

Enchantment of the magic on the stage, playfulness and relaxing imagination.

Black Light Theatre Prague can be called the most original stage organisation in the world and I do not know how one could deny this statement.

NewYork Post