The fiery magic of tango, coming from the heart of Argentina…. Sensuous, beautiful and soul moving, Tango Legends combines the best moments of tango history to date .Founded by two of tang’s brightest super tango stars ,Mariela Maldonaldo and Pablo Sosa ,who  are actually considered one of the most prestigious tango couples in the world.  The two have performed  and teaching in some of the best and the most important venues worldwide ,and received rare reviews from international press, like The New York Times and the UK’s Ballet Magazine   Together with their acclaimed troupe that includes award -winning dancers and remarkable music band ,present  with passion and sensuality  a spectacular  and exciting celebration of tango ,sharing with the audience the charm of Buenos Aires ,the birthplace of tango and its  history ,a journey through those glorious years when tango was enjoyed and breathed in every corner of the city   The dancers perform all the different variations of tango, with an air of grace ,sensuality, electrifying the audience with their passion They keep surprising with highly technical, breathtaking coordination between the couples  and immensely risky moves ,rarely see in tango !

Lending fashionable style to the musical substance, the costumes of the award-winning designer Walter Delgado, are as provocative as they are classy

The musicians, masters in their homeland of Argentina, produce a beautiful combination of sound, either as accompaniment to the dancers or as ravishing instrumental presentations

It is elegant, passionate, soulful and sensual Impossible not have your heart flutter when you watch it !

Pablo and Mariela says – we carry tango in our skins, tango is our identity as Argentineans—free and universal

In 2009 UNESCO declared tango as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Tango Legends performances has travelled to major theatres and festivals around the world, garnering international prizes and critics. International tours includes – USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, Australia, New Zeeland, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico South Africa, Spain, Scotland, England, Germany, Swiss, Greece, Italy, Poland Cyprus….and others…

Some critics

Danced with a wonderful musicality  Ballet Magazine of UK

Pablo Sosa and Mariela Maldonaldo added complicated lifts to their numbers and daring speed, their legs cutting and dividing the air like machetes   The New York Times

They find the sensual moves of the tango translate very well, judging by the moves of stars Pablo Sosa and Mariela Maldonado   Harold Sun