An original author’s project created by Ukrainian theatre producer and  stage director,  Natalie Vasilchuk  , combining unusual fairy tale story , with the  scenery and costumes  made by the hundreds of magically colorful balloons  and using all sorts of  balloon tricks

.A dynamic  interactive show for the whole family ,with clowns, mimes and  acrobats from Ukraine Russia and Poland

An amazing fairy tale story taking place in Balloonland ,rules by an inflatable King Balloon, which tells the adventures of his daughter, the Princess Ballotta who dreams to fly  as far  possible out of the inflatable castle  and  the inflatable kingdom of her father ,to see a new,  different world…

The show uses playback and the voice-overs are done in different languages ( Russian, English, Spanish, Polish,Czech, Slovak , Greek and German ) and was presented in Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece,Israel,Lebanon, Dubai, for more than 300 thousands of Happy Spectators !!