The VERBA SHADOW Theatre from Ukraine is the first in the world 3D shadow theatre which creates performances by combining shadow , light effects  and plasticity of the human body , forming incredible shapes ..By using 3D technology presents a completely new format, where the shadow become more real and the spectator can feel fully involved into the show   , fascinated by the magic….This experiment proved to be more than successful.

Verba  Shadow Theatre  started in 2010  and over the years  gained recognition  and love from children and adults  to its art all over the world  Their  unique complete  family  shadow  show programs  – Kingdom of Shadows  and  Shadow Hollywood   invites you to the fabulous world of fairy tales , and  layouts based on motives of  famous films, TV series  and cartoons, its heroes and  adventures ,where the characters become alive in shadow …The audience meets  dreamy Cinderella, the brave Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland ,  Frozen or Game of the Thrones heroes , the heroic Hercules and many other loved ones  The magic of cinema , of fairytales, the play of  light and shadow, acrobatics, dance…….While watching ,the adults stay  surprise with unexpected visuals  of a well know  love story from the Titanic movie,  fascinated by the magic of shadow  and new 3D technology and children try guess their favorite heroes   The third show, Shadow Space, combine the theme of abstract  outer space and human shadow as in integral part of this fantasy world Travel in time and space, exciting adventures, meetings with unusual characters……- everything is possible in the Shadow Space !

They toured and presented their shows in 38 countries all over the world, in China, USA, Qatar, Oman, India, Monaco, Ireland, Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Germany, France …and many others

 They have participated in numerous TV Talent Shows, in Ukraine, Russia, Czech, Poland, Germany, Romania and France In 2019 their participation in America’s Got Talent gave the group a standing ovation by the jury members and the audience

Their video Save the World, inspired by the song of Michael JacksonEarth Song,  about importance to  respect and love our planet, received many awards   at various film festivals

Come to the dreamy and fascinating world of Verba Shadow Theatre!

Because the main goal of the Shadow Theatre Verba is to surprise, impress and inspire !  To present new images of famous   stories and to create original ideas!